Level 2 Science Incursion


On Friday, Level 2 enjoyed a fun science incursion based on physical science. This tied into our Unit of Inquiry on ‘Forces are at work in everything we do’. The students had hands-on activities to do. They used toy cars and a ramp lined with different surfaces to explore how friction influences how far and how quickly an object will travel. They created enough energy through movement to make a disc light up. They learnt that a spinning wheel likes to turn on one plane only and does not like to be tilted. If you change the plane, it stops spinning more quickly.

A fantastic time was had by all.

Gemma, the presenter, had a special seat for the students to sit on.

Zack was lucky enough to get to sit on it. He thought it was fantastic! They students learnt that by having lots of nails to absorb the weight, the nails were not able to pierce Zack. (Gemma tried to pop a balloon first to prove how safe it was).

Testing out a new type of spinning wheel.

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