Level 2 Poetry

The term has started with lots of exciting things happening in the Level 2 area. We are starting the new Unit of Inquiry- ‘How We Express Ourselves,’ with a focus on writing and presenting poetry. The students are learning how to write different types of poetry and are in the midst of creating wonderful poems to share. Here are a few of them titled “My Favourite Food’:


‘Chicken Nuggets’ by Alice

Chicken nuggets sound crunchy.

Chicken nuggets smell chicken.

Chicken nuggets look yummy.

Chicken nuggets taste great.

Chicken nuggets feel crunchy.


‘Slurpy’ by Peter

A slurpy sounds like ‘Sssssssssssssspppppppp.’

A slurpy smells like the most delicious thing in the world!

A slurpy looks colourful.

A slurpy tastes yummy.

A slurpy feels weird.


‘Ice-cream’ by Taliah

Ice-cream sounds like cold.

Ice-cream smells delicious.

Ice-cream looks colourful.

Ice-cream tastes yummy.

Ice-cream feels yummy.

I love ice-cream.


‘Pizza’ by Caitlin

Pizza sounds like bubbling yeast.

Pizza smells like ham and pineapple.

Pizza looks like a delicious triangle.

Pizza tastes like pineapple, ham and cheese.

Pizza feels a lot like pizza.

I love pizza.


The students also wrote some poems about Winter:

‘Winter’ by Elana

Winter sounds like wind blowing.

Winter smells like fire.

Winter looks like snow.

Winter tastes like hot chocolate.

Winter feels like ice clouds.


‘Winter’ by Lachlan M.

Winter sounds like rain dripping.

Winter smells like wood fires.

Winter looks like ice and snow.

Winter tastes like hot chocolate.

Winter feels like snow.


The students are starting to experiment with rhyming couplets in their poetry. Elana and Caitlin wrote this poem:

I had a kid,

Whose name was Sid.

Sid had a squid,

Whose name was Paper Grid.


Celeste and Olivya wrote this poem:

At the beach, there were squid,

And the squid hid.

Sometimes I saw this kid,

And his name was Sid.


Please ask your child about their poetry. They are working very hard on writing it and are very keen to share their wonderful work.


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