Level 2 Excursion to Como House

By Mr Le-Ray

On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th April, Level 2 went to Como House. It was a beautiful day and everyone looked… well… dated! Thank you for your support in finding costumes for your child. Everyone looked amazing! It set a great tone for our excursion. The students were bubbling with excitement when we arrived and joyfully took part in four activities: a house tour, a mystery trail, old fashioned games and living a day in a servant’s life. During the house tour students were shocked to see chamber pots and learnt about some interesting rules that I personally think need reinstating, namely, children must ask permission before entering any room other than their bedroom. There were many examples of technology that had changed over the last one hundred years and surprisingly some that hadn’t, like teapots and cheese graters. Enacting the role of servants, students washed clothes using 2 tubs, an agitator and a ringer. They also practised responding to service bells and carry drinks effectively. It was a busy and satisfying day. Thanks once again to the wonderful parent helpers who accompanied us and made the excursion possible.

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