Junior Mayor Competition

Written by Nikki, Eve, Charlotte and Ella

We arrived so excited, yet nervous, at the Junior Mayor Competition on Thursday the 16th of April! We had everything ready to go.

When we got to the competition we got seated at a table with Chelsea Heights P.S. Throughout our time there we got to know them and they were really nice!

Next there was a presentation by the previous Junior Mayor, the Mayor and a man named Andrew Fuller. They spoke about the topic ‘It Starts With Us’ and the sub topic ‘Helping Young Kids Connect To Our Community’ which was really inspiring and interesting.

Very quickly the speeches started! We were twelfth to present our speech out of twenty-seven. While all the schools were presenting, everyone got to write down notes about what they liked and disliked about the presentations.

Our turn came and we were so excited and nervous. Our project name was ‘Kingston Music Madness’ which is a music club is that anyone could come to and either bring and play an instrument or just come, listen and groove to the music. We got up on stage and Nikki only had to look at her speech once or twice! Otherwise she memorised every word! We came off stage and we thought we were great and might have a chance of placing.

In the middle of all the speeches we were served some light refreshments which were scones, jam, cream and fruit. We handed out chatterboxes relating to our project, to remind everyone about our presentation and the school we represented. Then the speeches continued.

After all the speeches we filled in our ballot paper with our vote for first, second and third. They quickly tallied the scores and announced the winning schools.

They announced the runner up first which was Aspendale Primary School. Next they announced the new Junior Mayor who is Jasmine from St John Vianney’s Primary School. Our team thought she was the best there so we were all happy that she won! Finally they announced third place, which was the Encouragement Award, and it was Nikki from Kingston Heath Primary School! We were all so excited to come third place!

Then we had a buffet lunch! We had hot food such as pies, sausage rolls, spring rolls, mini dim sims and samosas; sandwiches and fruit.

After the competition we went to Hungry Jacks and got slurpees!

Overall it was an amazing day and there were many highlights including Ella smiling so much on stage her cheeks started to hurt, Eve’s face burning hot before we went on stage, Nikki not realising her name had been called for third place and Charlotte eating a lot of pies!

Thank you to Level Four for their support. 

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