Italian Day

By Chloe P, School Captain

On the 17th February, Kingston Heath P.S. celebrated Italian Day. We completed various activities such as, ‘Tombola’ (Bingo) in Maths, ‘Bocce’ in P.E., and we sorted Italian numbers into how many syllables they have, for example tre (3) has one syllable and otto (8) has two syllables.

We also had a quick assembly. Year 5/6a explained some facts about ‘Carnevale’ (a celebration in Italy about what’s happening right now) and Year 5 showed us how to do the ‘Taratella’ and the ‘Chicken Dance’. It was fun to get involved, especially in the dance.

We were lucky enough to have actors from Cultural Infusion come to our school and perform a play. There were two actors who dressed up as lots of different characters using masks and costumes. It was really entertaining and suitable for our age level. They included jokes and songs about Taylor Swift, One Direction, Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

The musical comedy was about a captain that wanted to marry a girl, Columbina, but to prove himself he had to collect a feather from the sneakiest man, a medal from the best fighter and a stethoscope from the smartest but grumpiest doctor. The problem was that he was too scared to do so. So he asked his servant to collect these things for him, but the servant liked Columbina, so he kept wondering if he should do it and then the captain would get the girl, or not. The ending was unexpected because neither of them got the girl!

The actors were very organised with their quick changes behind a screen on stage, and their script was very creative and well written. We all enjoyed having a laugh and learning a bit about Italy.

Signora Vecchi and the other teachers did an amazing job of organising Italian Day for all the classes to enjoy. Also, a big thanks to the parents who helped out with the pizza and gelato for lunch which was delicious.

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