Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Mr Le-Ray, Miss England and Ms Sipthorpe

Level 2 are risk-takers. The forecast for our Healesville Sanctuary excursion on Wednesday 10th May looked okay two days before the excursion took place.  The buses were booked and there was a chance of a shower.  Surely everyone knows that means it probably won’t rain!  As the day drew closer the forecast got worse and worse, to the point where my cheerful colleagues were pointing out that snow was forecast!  Well, what can you do? We pressed ahead with a smile.  The day dawned and the rain started as we were boarding the buses.  It steadily grew worse as we drove.  We arrived at the Sanctuary during a downpour.  I was determined that the weather would clear.  We hustled through the rain into a shelter to have our fruit snack.  Helpful locals pointed out that the weather never cleared in Healesville and that yes we would get snowed on.  Doubt began to seep in.  Don’t despair yet though, this story has a happy ending.  The rain cleared, much to the amazement of the locals and we were able fully participate in the Sanctuaries fantastic inquiry program.  We broke off into small groups, each ably supervised by our fantastic parent helpers (more about them later).  The students helped to decide what they would see and learn.  There were so many wonderful things to choose from.  The Land of the parrots, koalas, reptiles, emus, wombats… We all went and saw the Spirits of the Sky bird show, where trained eagles swooped and terrified Miss England, amongst others.  As if on cue, the rain started again as soon as we boarded the bus home. The students represented K.H.P.S. well and the parent helpers made a lovely, if lucky day possible.  Thank you.

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