Garden Update Level 4

by Rhys T and Ruby R

On Friday 3rd March we had our Garden lesson. Two people worked on the compost, five people worked with worm juice and the rest of the class broke up into pairs and did some weeding.


Mr Thompson, our teacher, is a garden expert. He gave the weeding group specific instructions on how to weed the Cooch Grass around the Orange Tree. We put our fork in the ground and pulled. If we did not get the roots up and we had just pulled the top grass off it would regrow in two weeks!


To make worm juice they filled up water in recycled milk cartons and poured it into the worm farm and then turned on the tap. Then they collected the worm juice and watered the rhubarb, herbs and seedlings. Some of the juice will be sold sometime this year so keep an eye out for that.


Mr Thompson also let us get some plants to use in our own garden to grow at home.


Don’t forget to find out when your child’s garden lessons are and see if you can help out!


Thank you to Mr Thompson for sharing all your knowledge with us, and Mrs Wheatley and Miss Janash for helping in our lesson.

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