Kingston Heath Primary School is working towards a sustainable future and raising environmental awareness for our whole school community. Some initiatives that have been implemented include:

  • Worm Farms
  • Compost bins in each classroom
  • Comingled recycling
  • Water tanks
  • Solar powered hot water
  • Nude Food Days (reducing waste from excessive food packaging)

 Student Green Team

Our school has a student action team called the Green Team. It consists of student representatives from each class and two teachers.

The Green Team meets weekly to discuss ways of making our school more sustainable and participate in hands-on sustainability activities. The Green Team is primarily student-run, where student leaders decide on pressing issues that the school is facing and how to fix them.

Some programs that have been initiated by the Green Team so far include:

  • Improved Nude Food Days with more of a focus on education
  • Designing the landscape for a new courtyard
  • Making educational videos
  • Fortnightly assembly presentations based on the ABC TV series, ’The War on Waste.’

Parent Green Team

A group of parents meet once a fortnight on a Friday morning to support the school in its sustainability endeavours. They have landscaped each courtyard with Indigenous plants and are largely responsible for the beautiful grounds that we currently enjoy. If you would like to join the fun and comradery of the Parent Green Team and support the school in a practical way, then please contact the office.

I Sea I Care

The ‘I sea, I care’ Ambassador Program is designed to help students better understand the plant and animal life of our bays and waterways and the many issues facing them. The senior students in the Student Green Team participate in one excursion each, where they develop the skills and self-confidence to pass on the messages they take away from these experiences to the broader school community. They do this by teaching their peers, speaking to lower grades, writing newsletter articles and presenting at our weekly whole-school assemblies.

Wildlife Corridor

In partnership with other primary schools, nursing homes and community groups, Kingston Heath Primary has participated in the Wildlife Corridor Project, where oases of Indigenous plants have been created in a broad corridor throughout South-Eastern Melbourne. This has, in effect, created a series of ‘bus stops’, where native birds can access the plants they need in order to thrive and repopulate the area. The students at Kingston Heath Primary School have planted out and maintained an area of 120 square metres.