Physical Education

Kingston Heath Primary school values the health and fitness of every child in the school. We encourage physical activity by providing each grade with a variety of sporting equipment for playtime and lunchtime use, have excellent playground equipment, a large oval, netball / basketball courts and a vegetable garden.

Interschool Sport

The level 4’s participate in the Cheltenham District Sports Association on a Friday morning against other neighbouring schools. There are a variety of activities like volleyball, bat tennis, soccer, rounders, netball and football. They also have the opportunity to represent the school in carnival days like Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Each child is encouraged to enjoy themselves and the emphasis is on teamwork and being a good role model for the school.

Kilometre Club

Children actively do laps of the schools oval as part of building up their cardio-vascular fitness and self esteem. They can do it by either running or power walking. Level 2 & 3 are encouraged to work towards completing 2-3km a week with the level 4’s doing 4-5km. A healthy body creates a healthy state of mind!

Circus Skills

This is a program designed by the locally run company Little Devils, catering for Level 4 students. It works on developing children’s hand-to-eye coordination and movement, developing patience and concentration, enhancing interpersonal skills as well as providing them with fun hands-on tasks. Some activities include Diablo’s, Hoola Hoops, Stilt Walking and Poi’s.


Students in all levels are involved in the eight week Yoga program.  Yoga poses will improve students balance and agility whilst improving their strength, focus and concentration. Breathing and relaxation exercises allows them to develop positive and simple strategies to deal with their emotions, slow themselves down and become more in tune with their physical bodies. Discussion during each class promotes reflection upon their thoughts and actions.


P.M.P stands for Perceptual Motor Performance and is offered to Level 1 & 2 children as their first physically based program. It aims to provide them with the necessary skills, coordination, fitness, balance and safety awareness to perform tasks like a forward roll, egg roll and motor-bike jump and landing. The children actively participate and gain a great deal of confidence and satisfaction out of performing such skills.

Brain Gym

Students in Prep are involved in Brain Gym every morning. Brain Gym assists students to:

  • promote play and the joy of learning
  • draw out and honor innate intelligence
  • build awareness regarding the value of movement in daily life
  • emphasize the ability to notice and respond to movement-based needs
  • encourage self-responsibility
  • empower each participant to better take charge of his own learning
  • encourage creativity and self expression
  • inspire an appreciation of music, physical education and the fine arts

Intensive Swimming Program

All students from Prep to Year 4 are involved in an 8 day intensive swimming program in October in preparation for the swimming season ahead. The swimming program is conducted at WAVES Leisure Centre.

Life Saving

Students in Years 5 and 6 are involved in a weeks life saving activities on the beach at Beaumaris Life Saving Club. The program is 50% in the water and 50% on dry land. The students learn skills such as DRS ABC. The program is conducted in the second week back of the school year.