The ability to do mathematical calculations is important for all children’s progress; it helps build competence and confidence. We have taken a whole school approach to maths to ensure it is creative and hands on, with clearly defined outcomes linked to AusVELS.

Maths is taught in the mornings across the school, as we believe this provides ideal opportunities for children to be fully engaged and for optimum learning to take place. All students engage in at least five hours of maths each week. Our classroom maths programs are supported by a variety of resources including concrete materials, maths games, modeling tools, interactive whiteboards and computers.

Warm up activities and small teaching groups are a daily part of the classroom. Sharing how students’ have arrived at an answer broadens knowledge. ICT programs are utilised to consolidate and enhance children’s understanding, providing practice for their number facts and deductive thinking. Online testing ensures continuous assessment for students, ensuring teaching is at the point of need. Our school also provides interactive resources.



Maths Mastery Classes are conducted every Monday morning for all students from Years 1 to 6. Children are placed on a continuum in a specific area of maths, for example, number, and work with different students and different teachers in different learning areas. It is a highly successful program with students at the upper end of the spectrum being challenged and students having their ideas consolidated through mentors. Even though we have Maths Mastery classes, all students are also taught at their ability levels within the normal classroom program.



Nelson Maths is one of many Mathematics resources used throughout the school by all levels. The texts are used in the planning of each Mathematics unit of study. Each text provides flexibility, so the lesson plans can be tailored to cater for students’ different learning styles and diverse needs.



All students at KHPS are members of Mathletics ( Mathletics is designed to provide students with an engaging and safe learning experience. Targeted content with structured support, plus gaming and rewards, all aligned to the achievement standards of the primary maths curriculum.